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The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine

Dear Members, we are compiling our calendar of events at the moment and will list a 2021 calendar shortly. In the meantime any events being held will be advertised on the front page of the ACSLM website in the Upcoming Events slider and in the Events section and advertised using Mailchimp to your email address.

 Webinar Calendar 2020

Webinars start at 1pm unless stated otherwise

DATE Title Presenter
25th May Early Career Scientists Forum Engagement&AdvancementAB
26th May Cervical Cytology: Updates & Opportunities Cellular Pathology
26th May Covid-19 Updates ACSLM
23rd June An Introduction to the NTAG ACSLM – TTSAB
2nd July CPD Updates & Applying CORU Framework ACSLM
28th July How to record your work for presentation ACSLM
13th August ABO Anomalies – Edel Scally ACSLM – TTSAB
25th August Biosafety Awareness – Helen Barry ACSLM
3rd September MS Excel Introduction – Leo & Jemma ACSLM
15th September Improving Blood Stock Management –

A Collaborative Approach – Helena Begley

22nd September “Using an Electronic Health Record and medication barcode scanning to improve Haemophilia Patient care delivery” Fergal McGroarty,
National Haemophilia System Project Manager, St James’s
29th September Green Labs – Dr Una FitzGerald ACSLM – Cellular Pathology
6th October @10am FRCPath for Transfusion Scientists. Tom Bullock, MSc MIBMS
Clinical Transfusion Science
12th October @6pm Working During the Pandemic

Dr Brigid Lucey, Dr Martina Scallan

UCC Biomedical Science Society/ACSLM
15th October MS Access Database, An Introduction to managing your data ACSLM
22nd October Daratumumab – Edel Scally ACSLM – TTSAB
22nd October @6pm Scientific Writing Workshop for Students and Early Career Scientists UCC Biomedical Science Society/ACSLM
29th October Biological hazard identification and Routes of infection. – Helen Barry. ACSLM
9th November Electronic Issue
Carol Cantwell & Mary Deasy
19th November CPD/CORU revisited – where you need to be! ACSLM
26th November Malaria – Diagnostic Methodologies & Digital Morphology. Presenter: Therese Cohalan, CUH. ACSLM
30th November Biomedica 2020  A Virtual Festival of Medical Science – 30th November to 4th December. ACSLM
9th December Traditional and Novel Haematology Parameters as Predictive Tools in COVID-19.

Presenter: James Harte, CUH.


*Recordings of webinars are available to members to view at www.acslm.ie

The Academy is constantly looking for medical scientists to present live or using video on:

  • interesting work/studies
  • case studies
  • research

Please contact Leo or Jemma at cpd@acslm.ie who will organise the webinar and provide presentation assistance, if required.

Start Date - End Date

Aug 29, 2020 - Dec 31, 2021

Start Time - End Time

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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