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ACSLM Webinar Calendar 2020

Date/Time Title Presenter
22nd September 1pm. “Using an Electronic Health Record and medication barcode scanning to improve Haemophilia Patient care delivery” Fergal McGroarty,
National Haemophilia System Project Manager, St James’s Hospital, D8.
29th September 1pm. Green Labs – Dr Una FitzGerald ACSLM – Cellular Pathology
6th October 10am FRCPath for Transfusion Scientists. Tom Bullock, MSc MIBMS
Clinical Transfusion Science
13th October 1pm. MS Access Database, An Introduction ACSLM
22nd October 1pm. Daratumumab – Edel Scally ACSLM – TTSAB
22nd October 6pm. Scientific Writing Workshop Part 1
(1st & 2nd tear students)
ACSLM/UCC Biomedical Science Society
29th October 6pm. Scientific Writing Workshop Part 1
(3rd & 4th year students)
ACSLM UCC Biomedical Science Society
9th November 1pm. Electronic Issue
Ms Carol Cantwell & Mary Deasy
17th November 1pm. CPD/CORU revisited – where you need to be! ACSLM
24th November 1pm. Biological hazard identification and Routes of infection. – Helen Barry. ACSLM
TBA Kidd Blood Group System
TBA Lean 6 Sigma
TBA The Paperless Blood Transfusion department


*The FRCPath webinar scheduled for October 6th is scheduled for 10:00 – NOT 13:00


The Academy is constantly looking for medical scientists to present live or using video on:

  • interesting work/studies
  • case studies
  • research


Please contact Leo or Jemma at cpd@acslm.ie
The Academy will organise the webinar and provide video/presentation assistance if required.

Start Date - End Date

Aug 29, 2020 - Dec 20, 2020

Start Time - End Time

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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