HSCP Leadership in Practice during COVID:19-Webinar Series from the National HSCP Office

HSCP Leadership in Practice during COVID:19-Webinar Series from the National HSCP Office

It is almost a year since the pandemic began and I am sure you would agree with me in saying this pandemic has impacted hugely the way services are delivered across all sectors. As we are learning and adapting to the changes , it is time to capture and share these moments of learning. On this note, I am extremely pleased to inform you about the release of the first session of the webinar series titled ‘HSCP Leadership in Practice during COVID:19’. This work is carried out in collaboration with RCSI Institute of Leadership.

This webinar series will consist of five sessions. Each session will focus on a topic that was identified as a priority by the HSCP managers and leaders in the leadership survey conducted by the office during summer 2020. The first session is aimed to focus on the changes in work practice and how HSCP leaders and managers have accommodated and responded to these changes.

HSCP leadership in practice during COVID-19


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the panel members of the first session, Deirdre Keating, specialist medical scientist at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Michelle Monahan, Radiography Services Manager in Connolly Hospital and Paul Nolan, Chief Cardiac Physiologist from Galway University Hospital for their support and contributions to the session. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Ms. Tina Joyce, Programme Director, RCSI IoL and Mary Samuel, HSCP Development Manager, National HSCP Office in the development of this webinar series.
We plan to release other sessions in monthly intervals and we will be communicating to you in due course.


Deirdre Keating
Specialist Medical Scientist at St. Vincent’s University


From: Jackie Reed |National Lead|National Health & Social Care Professions Office


Changes in work practice video