The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine Bursary

The Academy is now accepting applications for the Academy Bursary from Academy members. These bursaries are designed to support the Medical Science profession in promoting and developing their research and education.

Applications are now open to all current members and fellows of the Academy of Clinical
Science and Laboratory Medicine (Academy) who fulfil one of the following

  • An Academy member who has had their work accepted for
    either oral or poster presentation at a national or international conference.
  • An Academy member who is undertaking post graduate
    studies in an area relevant to laboratory medicine but over and above post
    graduate studies required for promotional grades such as short courses.
  • An Academy member who is a leading author of a journal
    article that has been accepted for publication.

The Academy may provide bursaries of varying amounts
to be used to (partially) fund.

  • Attendance at a conference
  • Further study to enhance specialisation
  • Publication of research relevant to the profession by
    assisting with publication/article processing fees.

The bursary cannot be used to undertake skills
training required for provision of diagnostic services, which should be
provided by the employer.

Applications will be reviewed by the education

For further details download the application form here

The application form may be submitted by post or email

Applications will be accepted up to a maximum of six months after payment of fees (for which the bursary is sought) by the applicant.

The Bursary application form may be downloaded here