The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine, the professional body representing medical scientists in Ireland. Medical scientists are a regulated profession.
The Medical Scientists Registration Board at CORU established its register on 31 March 2019. As and from this date the Medical Scientists Registration Board is designated as the Competent Authority for the profession of Medical Scientist under the relevant legislation.

The vision of the Academy is “To support excellence in clinical science and laboratory medicine, and in doing so, enhance patient outcomes”.

Laboratory medicine is a clinical service and the clinical sciences that underpin laboratory medicine are; Cellular Pathology (Histopathology), Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Medical Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostics, POCT, Transfusion and Transplantation Science and Virology. Medical scientists are at the forefront not only in the provision of these services but in the management and delivery of the services.









President – Bernadette Jackson – president@acslm.ie

Vice President – Brigid Lucey – Brigid.lucey@cit.ie

Membership/Fellowship Sinéad Wall – mail@acslm.ie

Finance Administration Ms. Jennifer Carey – finance@acslm.ie

CPD Officer’s – Ms Jemma Kehoe & Mr Leo Mulvany – cpd@acslm.ie

Executive Officer Ms. Helen Barry – ceo@acslm.ie






President: Bernadette Jackson, Naas General Hospital
Vice President: Dr Brigid Lucey, Cork Institute of Technology
Past President: Dr Irene Regan, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital
Treasurer: Mr. Brian O’Malley, Cavan General Hospital, Cavan

Ms Sinéad Creagh, Cork University Hospital
Ms Marie Culliton, National Maternity Hospital
Mr Fergus Guilfoyle, Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital
Dr Fidelma Hernon, Blackrock Clinic
Dr Helen Lambkin, Council Member
Ms Alison Malkin, TU Dublin
Mr Richard McCafferty, St James’s Hospital
Ms Maria Molloy, University Hospital Galway
Mr Patrick Mulhare, Waterford Regional Hospital
Mr Brian Moran, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
Mr Paudy O’Gorman, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital



Council has fifteen Committees. Each Committee has a Director and team members. Committees are grouped based on function. The President and Vice-President are ‘ex-officio’ members of all groups/Committees. Where necessary a member of the office team provides support.

Strategic Planning

This group examines strategic options and decisions that need to be taken by the Academy, to ensure its future advancement and the best interests of the profession, and management of Public Relations.


This group is responsible for all educational matters. It is divided into 3 committees with designated responsibilities.

Programmes: Coordination of and responsibility for educational programmes of the Academy

Scientific Development: Exploring opportunities for the scientific development of Academy Members to achieve their full potential.

Validation: Review of courses offered by academic institutions submitted for approval by the Academy.


This group is responsible for all events organised by the Academy and services to members

Events: Management of Conference, BioMedica and other Academy functions.

Advisory Bodies: Coordination of the discipline specific Advisory Bodies and their activities

CPD: Management and oversight of the CPD programme of the Academy


Finance: Financial Directors overseeing the income/expenditure activities of AMLS operations.

Membership: Examination of qualifications submitted by candidates, with a view to granting eligibility for Membership of the Academy.

House / Office: Management of the Academy office premises staff and facilities


Converse / Publications: Responsible for the production of Converse and monitoring the Academy’s interests in the Journal of Biomedical Science

Web Site: Development and use of the website as a communication tool for the Academy


Statutory Registration: Responsible for monitoring and advising on the implementation of Statutory Registration of Medical Scientists.

Accreditation: Responsible for development of policies for the Academy pertaining to accreditation. Promotion of Accreditation of Clinical Medical Laboratories in Ireland.

International Affairs: Academy liaison with International Organisations representing and concerned with Biomedical Laboratory Science issues.





Committee Director Members
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning R. McCafferty M. Culliton, B. Jackson, P. Mulhare, I. Regan,
Research H. Lambkin
Scientific Education Development H. Lambkin M. Culliton,B O’Malley,
Course Validation J. Williams F. Mendes, B. Murphy
CPD Officers J. Kehoe & L. Mulvany J. Mulvany, M. Culliton, F. Guilfoyle
Advisory Bodies
Finance B. O’Malley J. Carey, M. Culliton, P. Mulhare,
Membership F. Guilfoyle S. Wall
House / Office P. Mulhare, I. Regan, H. Barry
Converse / Publications H. Barry A MacLellan
Website N. Stynes S. Wall
Statutory Registration M. Culliton
Laboratory Accreditation M. Culliton, B. Jackson
International Affairs M. Culliton P. Mulhare, I. Regan