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Converse Winter 2023Converse Winter 2023Download
Converse Autumn 2023Converse Autumn 2023Download
FEMS 2023
Abstract Book
10th Congress of European MicrobiologistsDownload[dflip id="13205" ][/dflip]

Converse Summer 2023
Converse Summer 2023Download
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Converse Spring 2023 - Biomedica EditionConverse Spring 2023 - Biomedica EditionDownload
Converse Winter 2022Converse Winter 2022Download
EFLM Guidelines for Green and Sustainable Medical Laboratories. Ed. 2022EFLM Guidelines for Green and Sustainable Medical Laboratories. Ed. 2022Download
Converse Spring 2022Converse Spring 2022Download
Converse Winter 2021Converse Winter 2021Download
Converse Autumn 2021Converse Autumn 2021Download
Converse Spring 2021Converse Spring 2021Download
Converse Winter 2020Converse Winter 2020Download
Converse Summer 2020Converse Summer 2020Download
Converse Spring 2020Converse Spring 2020Download
Converse Winter 2019Converse Winter 2019Download
Converse Summer 2019Converse Summer 2019Download
Research & Innovation in Clinical Science & Laboratory Medicine MagazineResearch & Innovation in Clinical Science & Laboratory Medicine 3rd edition 2019Download
Converse Spring 2019Converse Spring 2019Download
Converse Winter 2018Converse Winter 2018Download
Converse Summer 2018Converse Summer 2018Download
Converse Spring 2018Converse Spring 2018Download
New “WHO” Emergency Lab bookHealth laboratory facilities in emergency and disaster situations, second edition, 2017Download
HSE National Service Plan 2018Download
Converse Winter 2017Download
Converse Summer 2017Download
Converse Spring 2017Download
Converse Summer 2016Download
Converse Winter 2016Converse Winter 2016Download
Converse Autumn 2016Academy Autumn Converse 2016Download
CORU NewsletterInformation and link to CORU NewsletterDownload
New Horizons – ACSLM/MLSAAdvanced Practice and Extended Scope of Practice for Medical Scientists in IrelandDownload
Converse – Spring 2016Spring Converse 2016Download
Research & Innovation in Clinical Science and Laboratory MedicineACSLM Research Journal 2014Download
A Guide to Publication of Research by Medical and Clinical ScientistsACSLM Research Journal 2016Download
Converse Winter 2015Converse Winter 2015Download
Converse Autumn 2015Converse Autumn 2015Download
Converse Summer 2015Converse Summer 2015Download
Why Choose A Career as a Medical ScientistWhy Choose A Career as a Medical ScientistDownload
Converse Spring 2015Converse Spring 2015Download
Converse Winter 2014Converse Winter 2014Download
Converse Autumn 2014Converse Autumn 2014Download
AMLS BedrockA history of the organisationDownload
Converse Summer 2014Converse Summer 2014Download
Converse Spring 2014BioMedica and Ancora Imparo LaunchDownload
Converse Winter 2013Converse Winter 2013Download
Converse Autumn 2013Converse Autumn 2013Download
Converse Summer 2013Converse Summer 2013Download
Converse Spring 2013Converse Spring 2013Download
IBMS Good Professional PracticeAttached please find the IBMS Good Professional Practice DocumentDownload
Academy of Medical Laboratory Science Memorandum and Articles of AssociationMemorandum and Articles of AssociationDownload
Converse Winter 2012Converse Winter 2012Download
Converse Autumn 2012Converse Autumn 2012Download
Academy of Medical Laboratory Science – Code of ConductDownload
Converse Summer 2012Converse Summer 2012Download
Converse Spring 2012Converse Spring 2012Download
Converse Winter 2011Converse Winter 2011Download
Converse Autumn 2011Converse Autumn 2011Download
Converse Summer 2011Converse Summer 2011Download
Converse Spring 2011Converse Spring 2011Download
Converse Autumn 2010Converse Autumn 2010Download
Converse Spring 2010Converse Spring 2010Download
Point of Care Testing 2010Guidelines for Safe and Effective Management and Use of Point of Care TestingDownload
Converse Winter 2009Converse Winter 2009Download
Converse Autumn2009Converse Autumn 2009Download
Converse Summer 2009Converse Summer 2009Download
Converse Winter 2008Converse Winter 2008Download
Converse Autumn 2008Converse Autumn 2008Download
Converse Summer 2008Converse Summer 2008Download
Converse Spring 2008Converse Spring 2008Download
Point of Care Testing 2008Guidelines for Safe and Effective Management and Use of Point of Care TestingDownload