Confirmed Circulation of SARS-COV-2 in Irish Blood Donors Prior to First National Notification of Infection.
Tuesday, 7th December, 1pm / ZOOM.

Speaker: Dermot Coyne, Chief Medical Scientist, Virology, Irish Blood Transfusion Service
Chair: Edel Scally, Chief Medical Scientist: Red Cell Immunohaematology, Irish Blood Transfusion Service

Bio: Dermot joined the IBTS Virology Laboratory in 2008 after graduating from UCD with a Honours degree in Microbiology in 2006 and completed his masters degree in Biomedical Science in 2012. In his time in the IBTS he has worked primarily in the Virology Laboratory in the role of  Chief Medical Scientist of the laboratory in 2019. Dermot has a keen interest in the area of Viral serology and research.

Abstract: Blood donor studies offer a unique opportunity to screen healthy populations for the presence of antibodies to emerging infections. We describe the use of blood donor specimens to track the ‘first-wave’ of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland. We also describe their use in monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic as it progressed.




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