HSCP Deliver A Strategic Guidance Framework for Health & Social Care Professions 2021-2026

The Sláintecare Report and the HSE Service Plan 2019 have set out key principles and activities to guide the reform of health services and enable the delivery of responsive, efficient and integrated care, provided at the lowest level of complexity.

The National HSCP Office, in response to this broad policy direction, has prioritised the following key strategic areas for 2019:

  • Strategy – setting out a roadmap for HSCP to deliver on the Sláintecare recommendations
  • Professional Leadership
  • Research, Education & Development
  • Impact & Outcomes focused on A) Rehaping Unscheduled Care and B) Innovating and Transforming eHealth Solutions
  • The National HSCP Office will be working with HSCP frontline staff and managers during 2019 to develop a roadmap, setting out a shared vision and direction, to achieve maximum value and impact from HSCP services.

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