CORU Registration, CPD and Audit

We have brought our ‘CORU audit information’ from the bottom of the page to here due to numerous queries on the audit period.
Eventhough this is a 2 year cycle your CPD officers would highly recommend that you keep your CPD up to date. Don’t let it slip and leave 2023 CPD until 2024. Remember on the 1st April 2024, if called for audit, you will be required by CORU to have a minimum of 60 CPD credits.
The following information can be found on the CORU website. 

CORU Audit

CPD Audit Period (click here for CORU CPD Audit)

The table below shows the CORU audit period. This is the time in years over which you may be audited. The audit date is the date you will be notified if you have been selected for audit. As the table shows, the audit period is 1st April 2022 to the 31st.  March 2024, which is 2 years. The date you may be called for audit is the 1st April 2024. So it’s a 2 year cycle requiring 60 credits if you are selected for audit on the 1st April 2024.


Audit Period Audit Date
Medical Scientists Registration Board 01 April 2022 ending on 31 March 2024

01 April 2024

For a complete review of the CORU audit for medical scientists including a 7 minute CORU video explaining the process, click here. 

Remember, your CPD officers are also a resource for you.

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CORU have just released a new video: Preparing for CPD as a registered professional (Click here to view)

Apply for Registration as a Medical Scientist

The 2 year transition or grandparenting period ended on the 31st March 2021. From this date, it is be law that only those who are registered with CORU can work as a Medical Scientist in Ireland. Full details regarding CORU registration can be found on the CORU website, click here.  Ginny Hanrahan, CEO of CORU with  Paul Byrne, head of CORU registration explain all about statutory registration for Medical Scientists in a purpose made video. Released February 2021. CORU Medical Scientists Registration Guide 2021 VIDEO

CORU Medical Scientists Registration Board: Click Here

Medical Scientists Registration Board Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics specifies the standards of ethics, conduct and performance expected of registered medical scientists. You can read this here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which health and social care professionals maintain and improve their knowledge, skills and competence, and develop the professional qualities required throughout their professional life.

CPD is an integral component in the continuing provision of safe and effective services for the benefit of service users. CPD requires engagement by the health and social care professional in a range of learning activities on an on-going basis.

CORU have released a video outlining what CPD is and how to perform CPD. This video which is only 4 minutes long will answer so many questions for you. What is CPD by CORU Video

NEW: CORU – Continuing Professional Development Exemplars
CORU have released in October 2021, two Continuing Professional Development Record Templates. These have been produced by your colleagues. One is from a Medical Scientist with less than 5 years experience, the other is from a Medical Scientist with over 7 years experience. These are invaluable to you as they show how to gain CPD credits and what material you can use to do this. Click to download:
Less than 5 years experience
More than 7 years experience

CORU website link for Exemplars

CORU have also released a video explaining CPD audit. Watch it here: CORU CPD Audit Information Guide Video


Awarding CPD Credits

Your Academy CPD officers have hosted 3 webinars about CPD and Registration on Thursday, 2nd July 2020, 2nd November 2020 and 25th February 2021. These webinars are now available to view as videos in the ACSLM’s members CPD section. Click here and check out the ACSLM webinar calendar for upcoming webinars of interest. The 2021 calendar is displayed with the 2020 calendar underneath.

We have upgraded the ACSLM CPD database so that it reflects the requirements of CORU with emphasis on the CPD/PDP reporting function.  This function has been re-modelled so you can now self-award CPD credits in line with CORU requirements. The system is in operation (11th February 2021). You will need to edit your CPD events and self-award your CPD credits. This is something only you can do. So re-visit your CPD on the website, click “edit” and apply your CPD credits. This will then display your cummulative CPD credit total. It will also allow you to see the CPD credits awarded in any time period you set when producing your CPD/PDP report.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your queries at – Jemma Kehoe & Leo Mulvany.

What is CPD

In brief, CPD is a self-directed learning process based on a four stage CPD cycle which includes:
1. Review of learning needs
2. Planning to address learning needs
3. Implementing the plan by engaging in learning opportunities and
4. Evaluating and reflecting on the outcome of learning on your practice, service users and quality of service delivery. The learning cycle can support you to structure your CPD to meet identified learning needs to enhance your skills, knowledge and professional competence.

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