The journal club editor will have an attendance sheet available at your event, as attendees are leaving a journal club they sign out with their signature. The editor then draws a line across any empty signature boxes so that no other names can be added and uploads the proof of attendance to a shared drive in your department.

Attendees can then access this sheet and upload it to their CPD profile as proof of attendance at that particular event. There is no password and no expiry date.

Attendees: Within everyone’s personal CPD portfolio is the option to add a journal club activity. Here is an example of how it works

1. Go to select CPD tab, login as usual
2. Select: My CPD and click on ‘Create New Record”.
3. In the box marked ‘what type of activity did you undertake – type ‘Journal Club’.
4. Click on the ‘radio button’ beside the word journal club (if this box is not populated with ‘Journal Club’ then points will not accredited.
5. Save and Continue.
6. Enter title of the talk, date and brief outline of event.
7. Click on ‘save and continue’ (You will be given the option to complete reflective learning which is recommended)
8. Save and Continue.
9. Upload the attendance sheet as proof of your attendance.

Please note: Should an attendee apply for CPD points and upload proof of attendance where their name is not on the list, it will be deemed a false declaration as part of the Code of Ethics.