Conflict Management & De-Escalation SkillsIn-person training day in Dublin on May 8thConflict management is an essential skill in both personal and professional settings. This course will teach you effective strategies to de-escalate conflicts and promote peaceful resolutions.Many professionals are required to carry out investigations and to have difficult conversations as part of their role. This work may involve situations that can lead to conflict.It is essential to be aware of the potential for conflict and how to assess the risk, de-escalate it, take precautions and if it becomes necessary, protect yourself in these potentially hostile situations.Join our expert trainer for a practical one-day course and learn essentials skills for you and your business.Wednesday, May 8th, 9.30am. – 4.30pm.Ashling Hotel, Dublin 8€295Register NowKey Learning PointsRecognise the signs of aggression.Know the importance of de-escalation.Use communication skills effectively.Understand how to defuse a situation with an aggressive person.What helps and inhibits communication.Demonstrate de-escalation techniques.Explain the stages of a violent episode (Kaplan and Wheeler).Explain the ‘Batari box’ and how this affects our relationship in potential conflict.Explain the Behavioural Influence Stairway Model (BISM). This model was devised by the FBI to resolve conflict with a person. The model is 90% effective in resolving conflict without using force.Consider risks – the factors that should be considered when thinking about personal safety.Use the People, Environment and Task (PET) risk assessment method, and more… Meet the trainer: Thom McCaffery
Founder, Personal Safety Partnership Ltd.
International Conflict Prevention and Management, Personal Safety, and the Use of Force Specialist
Thom is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the UK Prison Service, specialising in managing individuals with high-risk behaviours and complex needs. Throughout a distinguished 12-and-a-half-year career, Thom has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to safety, security, and the professional development of staff within challenging and high-stress environments.After joining the Prison Service, Thom quickly distinguished himself as a dedicated and capable manager, consistently excelling in roles that required a deep understanding of human behaviour and the ability to manage individuals with complex and challenging behaviours. Throughout the course of his career, Thom honed his expertise in conflict prevention and management, de-escalation techniques, and the use of physical skills for defensive tactics, personal safety and control and restraint in high-risk settings.