CORU have invited a public consultation on the draft bye-laws for Medical Scientists Registration Board.

On the 02 August, CORU opened a public consultation on the following draft Bye-Laws for the Medical Scientists Registration Board:
1. Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
2. Application for Registration Bye- Law
3. Return to Practise Bye-Law
4. Restoration to the Register following Removal on Request Bye-Law
5. Restoration to the Register following Cancellation of Registration Bye-Law

In relation to the Consultation on the Code of Conduct and Ethics you may recall the Framework Code underwent a complete review in 2017 and in January 2018, the Health and Social Care Professionals Council (Council) approved the Framework Code for adoption by the Registration Boards in CORU. The Council Framework Code represents a clear, straightforward code incorporating common principles across each of the professional groups to be regulated. The philosophy around adopting a common code includes recognition that many of the requirements for the professions are similar and it captures most of the key requirements, even if they are not directly relevant to a profession. Furthermore, the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics is the document against which a Fitness to Practise complaint will be measured. It is therefore essential to ensure that there is consistency in what is expected of Registrants and what is to be considered in any Fitness to Practise proceedings. The Code will be a binding document, as a breach of the Code is defined as professional misconduct (Section 50 the Act), which could lead to a disciplinary hearing.

Whilst it is important that any unique requirements for the regulated profession are included, the body of the Framework Code, (save for profession specific matters should they arise and which can be inserted in further sections at the end of the Framework Code) should not be amended.

Accordingly, you will be invited to comment on the Medical Scientists Registration Board Draft Bye-Laws approved for public consultation by the Medical Scientists Registration Board. The closing date for submission will be 5pm on Wednesday 05 September 2018. Full details on the Consultation , the draft Bye- Laws and the Survey will be available on the CORU website
( from the 02 August.…

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