Sleep Deprivation: How It Impacts on YOU!

The Academy is delighted to welcome Tom Coleman, a qualified Health Scientist and Sleep Coach who has spent over ten years working with professional athletes, multinational companies and shift workers on improving their sleep. In this talk, Tom Coleman will explain why sleep is important and how it interacts with aspects of our physical, emotional, and mental health.

The session will firstly give a brief description of health, this is followed by an explanation of sleep mechanics, sleep hygiene and why it is so important. Tom will look at sleep for optimizing health and vitality, and then explore how to strike a good balance, along with changing and developing positive lifestyle habits.

He will then look at other areas which impact our sleep such as stress, anxiety, nutrition and work. He will finish with tips and coping strategies which help to reduce stress and deal with the challenges of life in a calm manner.


Topics covered include:

  • General health & wellbeing
  • The Mechanics of Sleep
  • Physical Components of Sleep
  • Sleep Hygiene -creating the perfect routine
  • Work Life Integration
  • Lifestyle factors – Nutrition & Sleep
  • Strategies for success
  • Q&A session (10-15 mins)