Statistics and Data Analysis – An Information Session

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Thursday, 8th December 1pm.

The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine in partnership with the SLÁINTE  group in Munster Technological University are interested in facilitating statistical training workshops that would support the work and research of medical scientists.

The initial workshop will look at what software scientists are using for statistical analysis, what are the learning needs of medical scientists interested in statistical analysis of data and the best learning environment that would best support the workshops. So, the first workshop will be an information session partly based on the results of the survey we are sending to you (see link below).

In order to gauge the most appropriate statistical training required by ACSLM members, we have designed a short needs survey for you to complete at your convenience. The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete and will be open until Wednesday, 30 November, at 13:00.

On Thursday, 8th December, we will deliver an online information session to interested participants to discuss the results of the “survey” and to allow opportunities for questions. The outcome of this session will form the basis for the content and structure of the following statistics and data analysis workshops.

SLÁINTE: Strategic Launch of research resources And Infrastructure for Novel clinical decision support Tools and data analytics Expertise. This project includes a multidisciplinary team of biologists, computer scientists and statisticians that aim to build on current relationships with the healthcare sector and help achieve academic excellence by impactful research.  SLÁINTE, which was recently launched (Jan 2022), aims to build research networks to support clinically focused projects associated with Clinical Biomarker Discovery and Data Analytics that support operations within our healthcare service.

Statistics and Data Analysis

Information session discussing the results of the “survey” and the opportunity to ask questions regarding the content and structure of the workshops in 2023. The panel for the 8th December will be:


Academy CPD officers, Leo Mulvany and Jemma Kehoe



Dr Seán Lacey, MTU.

Dr Seán Lacey is the Research Integrity & Compliance Officer (RICO) in Munster Technological University (MTU). Previous to this appointment Dr Lacey was the Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, MTU. As MTU’s RICO, Dr Lacey has responsibility for fostering a research environment that promotes the responsible conduct of research which maintains the highest standards of integrity, along with leading the development, implementation and review of MTU’s research related policies and procedures.  Furthermore, Dr Lacey is required to ensure that MTU’s research training includes adequate coverage of the importance of research integrity, promotes responsible conduct of research, discourages research misconduct, and makes all stakeholders aware of the consequences of same. Dr Lacey is also Chairperson of MTU’s Research Council.

Dr Lacey has worked as lead statistician on numerous clinical trial studies and real word data studies.  These studies were wide reaching and varied and involved, for example: Creating randomisation schedules; Powering studies; Outlining a Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP); Compiling a detailed statistical report on a study’s findings and Clinical Study Report (CSR).  Dr Lacey has been lead statistician on over 35 industrial collaborative studies, designed and delivered over 70 Continuing Professional Development workshops, and is a co-author on over 30 peer-reviewed research publications.

In collaboration with Dr Fiona O’Halloran, Department of Biological Sciences (MTU)
and Dr Mohammed Hasanuzzaman, Department of Computer Science (MTU), Dr Lacey is co-lead of SLÁINTE – Strategic Launch of research resources And Infrastructure for Novel clinical decision support Tools and data analytics Expertise – a research group sponsored by the Higher Education Authority Technological University Transformation Fund and MTU, with the aim of developing novel research tools and resources to support healthcare services, promoting health and well-being.