2nd November 2022

Dear Colleagues,


As the second largest professional group of registered health practitioners in Ireland, Health and Social Care Professionals play a vital role in digital health and in planning for future implementation of connected digital health.

A digitally enabled health service improves patient outcomes, enhances working lives and enables the realization of HSE imperatives and Sláíntecare.

The National Health & Social Care Professions Office is delighted to announce 5 funded places on the MSc in Digital Health Transformation. (www.digitalhealthtransformation.ie) for 2023.

This course aims to develop digital health transformation skills, knowledge and abilities to:

  • Explore healthcare ecosystem developments, engaging patients, providers, payers, policy makers to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing to realise the value potential of these innovative partnership;
  • Lead core, adjacent and transformation innovations in a healthcare environment, taking a disciplined approach to advancing their understanding of exponential technologies (such as mobility, genomics, imaging and analytics) in order to realise the transformative power of digital disruptions

We would ask that you distribute this to interested health & social care professionals in your organisation. The application process is attached in addition to the programme brochure and HSCP scholarship application form. The closing date for applications is Monday 14th November 2022.

We look forward to supporting successful HSCP candidates on the Programme.

Warm regards,



Ruth Kilcawley

HSCP Development Manager, National HSCP Office



Application process for HSCP Scholarship MSc in Digital Health Transformation

The Health & Social Care Professions Office welcomes this innovation and are pleased to offer 100% funding scholarships to a total of 5 health & social care professional who meet the eligibility criteria for the year commencing January 2023. Applicants must meet the entry criteria as outlined in the MSc in Digital Health Transformation webpage.


The application process for the MSc in Digital Health Transformation is outlined in the steps below. Please ensure that your application is fully completed and submitted no later than close of business on Monday 14th November 2022.


  • Step 1

Please complete the application process through the link (this is really important as it is the university application): www.digitalhealthtransformation.ie

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a specific project we will help you to develop a project idea or link with identified service orientated projects. In the UL application form the field where you are asked to enter your project idea please enter the text LINKING WITH RUTH KILCAWLEY for my project.


  • Step 2

Please complete the National Health & Social Care Professions Office MSc. in Digital Health Transformation Application form in conjunction with your line manager. This is your application form for the MSc scholarship funding and will be put forward for the purpose of selecting successful candidates.


  • Step 3

Please submit completed HSCP Application to ruth.kilcawley@hse.ie by 5pm Monday 14th November 2022.


  • Step 4

The completed application will be reviewed by an Applications Board and 5 candidates will be selected. Applicants may be required to undertake an interview. All applicants will be notified of the results on the week commencing the 21st November 2022.


HSCP Scholarship Application for MSc in Digital Health Transformation