Recording of 2nd Genetics and Genomics National Strategy Information Seminar and Forum for Healthcare Professionals

Dear Colleague,

Thank you, again, for your interest in the development of Ireland’s National Strategy for Genetics and Genomics. Attached you will find the slide deck and comments collected from the Information Seminar and Forum for healthcare professionals held on Tuesday, September 6th, 2022. You may also watch the recording of the event on YouTube at this link: Please feel free to share this information among your networks.

During the seminar, we also posed questions to the audience as part of a quick poll to gauge perceived priorities in the development of the national strategy. For your own information, below is a snapshot of the results.*

Which of the below priorities are most urgent for improving Ireland’s genetics/genomics service FOR SERVICE USERS? (please select three)
Expanded testing options 11
Increased testing availability 20
More genetic/genomic literacy at all levels of healthcare 17
Increased support services (i.e. genetic counselling) 20
Public awareness raising about genetics/genomics 7
Policies to protect patients’ rights 3
Advanced data collection and availability of data for research 9


Which of the below priorities are most urgent for improving Ireland’s genetics/genomics service FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS? (please select three)
Create new genetics/genomics specialist roles and career paths 15
Hire more genetics/genomics specialists to support the service 15
Expand testing options 9
Increase testing availability 8
Improve laboratory systems/structure 17
Increase genetic/genomic literacy among non-specialists 6
Create stronger linkages between relevant disciplines (labs, clinical genomics, genetic counselling, etc.) 12

If you have any questions or would like to provide suggestions or observations to the Working Groups developing the strategy, based on your experience and area of expertise, please feel free to submit them to

Your continued engagement and feedback will add considerable value as we carry forth this very important work to enhance Ireland’s genetics and genomic service.

Kind regards,


Joyce Matthews

Communications Officer Strategic Programmes

HSE Office of the Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Steeven’s Hospital, Dublin 8. D08 W2A8