Seminar: Mindful Resilience during Challenging Times

By Teresa O’Brien
                  Saturday, 11th June, 10 – 11.30am. (Zoom Webinar)


This workshop will give you tools to support yourself in the areas of mental and emotional health during times of pressure, crisis and day to day challenges at work and home.

  • How to manage difficult thoughts and emotions and how this influences over all health
  • Developing healthy boundaries
  • Relaxation techniques with the use of Mindfulness CBT and other ways to reduce stress, have better sleep, motivation and productivity
  • How to take advantage of pressure and stress
Teresa O’Brien has over 16 years experience coaching and facilitating experience coaching and facilitating  bespoke workshops for a variety of groups and organisations across Ireland. Teresa is qualified in life and wellness, coaching, training, redeployment  guidance counselling, mindfulness and a Registered General Nurse. Teresa loves a  to witness the change in participants during the process.