European Organisation for the Treatment of Trophoblastic Disease 2022: 13th – 14th May.

Following up on our previous message that the European Organisation for the Treatment of Trophoblastic Disease 2022 meeting would be held in Cork.
The link will bring you to the programme and all registration details. Click here


EOTTD Xth Scientific Meeting               Cork 2022                Friday 13th May


8.30     Registration
9.00     Formal opening and address

Session 1                     Diagnostics                 Chairs – L.Sunde and M. Pyzlak 

9.20     An evolution of pathologic changes from PSN to PSTT – Dr M. Pyzlak (Poland)
9.35     Liquid biopsy in the diagnostics – Lone Sunde (Denmark)
9.50     The resolving of inconsistent p57 staining – Fabienne Allias-Montmayeur (France)
10.05   Central pathology review – Baljeet Kaur (UK)

10.20   Discussion

Session 2                     Low Risk Disease        Chair – Grzegorz Szewczyk    

10.30   Case report of low risk patient – Rebecca Hunter (Ireland)
10.40   Refining the FIGO score – Yalck Eysbouts (Netherlands)
10.55   Hydatidiform mole with a coexisting live fetus – diagnosis and management. Leonoor Coopmans (Netherlands)
11.10   First line treatment: Debate    Pro 8-day MTX/FA regimen – Matt Winter (UK)
Pro Act-D regimen – Antonio Casada (Spain)

11.30   Discussion

11.40   Coffee Break

Session 3                     hCG Biochemistry                   Chairs – Fred Sweep and Matt Winter

 12.00   Quality over quantity – external quality assessment for the measurement of hCG.  Nick Unsworth (UK)
12.15   Predicting a response on the base of hCG measurements- Fred Sweep (Netherlands)
12.30   Challenges in hCG measurement – Caroline Joyce (Ireland)

  • EOTTD hCG questionnaire – Lesley McMahon (UK)

1.00     Discussion

1.10     Lunch and light entertainment

Session 4                     GTD Centres               Chair – Christianne Lok

2.10     The building of a GTD team:   the role of nurses – Caitriona Kenneally (Ireland)
2.25     Post chemo care online support groups: the Sheffield experience – Kam Singh (UK)
2.40     Single centre experience: Czech Republic – E.Utracka (Czech republic)
2.50     Survey of women registered with Irish National GTD centre – John Coulter (Ireland)
3.05     Debate: Registration of GTD cases – Obligatory: Christianne Lok (Netherlands)
Voluntary: Gloria Marquina (Spain)

3.25     Discussion

3.40     Coffee Break

Session 5                     High Risk Disease        Chair – Seamus o Reilly

4.00     High risk disease case presentation – Hailey Carroll (Ireland)
4.10     Treatment of relapse and recurrent disease – Naveed Sarwar (UK)
4.25      Practical issues of immunotherapy in GTD – Ehsan Ghorani (UK)
4.40      Debate: Should immunotherapy be considered:
after MTX? –  Jerome Massardier (France) or after EMA/CO? – Michael Seckl (UK)
5.00     NCCP update to Irish National Clinical GTD Guidelines  – Eve O Toole
5.15     Formal close of day – John Coulter
7.30     Drinks reception / EOTTD 2022 Dinner and entertainment: Sundays Well Boating and Tennis Club

EOTTD Xth Scientific Meeting                       Cork 2022                   Saturday 14th May

9.00     Coffee
9.30     Opening of working parties meeting
9.45     Working parties convene
12.00   Updated guidelines discussion
1.00     Formal close of meeting:  EOTTD President – Christianne Lok

Best wishes.


Dr. Peadar McGing, Secretary, ACBI.