HSCP Day 2022 – Recognition, Reflection and Renewal Wednesday, 27th April, 2022.

The ACSLM are delighted to put together resources for the HSCP Day 2022.



ACSLM Biomedica 2022 – Development of therapeutic mRNA vaccines for cancer
Dr Mark McCarron, Principal Scientific Researcher in Cancer Immunology at Genentech Personalised Cancer Vaccines, California.
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ACSLM Biomedica 2022- From Medical Science to Variant Hunting
Dr Catherine Ludden, Medical Scientist and Director of Operations, COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium (COG-UK).
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The theme for this year’s HSCP Day  is  Recognition, Reflection and Renewal.

Recognition – We want to recognise the effort, above and beyond the call of duty, for service users/patients  as well as the sacrifices HSCP and all staff have made over the past two years.

Reflection –  This is an opportunity to reflect and remember the loss on so many levels during the pandemic. A chance to reflect on the changes to our lives and work and what we might propose to carry forward.

Renewal – A chance to recharge and take time for ourselves to refresh and recover and think about the future.

The National HSCP Office are planning a live virtual event to mark the Day – further information to follow.

We encourage local events involving service users/patients and students together with HSCP.  We would be pleased to hear about what you are planning and if you would like to share your plans/ideas for the day you might like to do that via Twitter.

Please remember to use the hashtags #HSCPDeliver and #HSCPDay2022


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