Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director WHO Health Emergencies Programme

In support of International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day – April 15th, Dr. Mike Ryan sends a video message in recognition of the significant efforts of scientists worldwide during the pandemic.



Bernadette Jackson, President of the Academy

It is a great honour to accept the role of President of the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine.
The Academy – representing Medical Scientists – those unseen, largely unknown scientists, working in Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Services, who provide analyses, results, diagnoses and expertise to support the patient across many laboratory medicine disciplines.

The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine is committed to promoting both the skills and expert Laboratory diagnostic services provided 24/7/365 by Medical Scientists in Ireland and supporting it’s members in their careers.

ACSLM Mentoring Programme: The Academy is commencing a pilot Mentoring Programme –  click on the ‘Mentoring Tab’ above for more information.


At the Academy AGM (2020), Past President, Dr Brigid Lucey, highlights the need for more Medical Scientists in our hospitals

Covid-19 shows that the required expertise is available in Medical Scientists, but capacity and infrastructure are sadly lacking. There is an urgent need for more Medical Scientists working in hospitals, as all hospital laboratories face serious recruitment and retention challenges.

Academy statement

CPD Opportunities are available – where to find them!

For MEMBERS: go to www.acslm.ie | Members Area CPD  tab | Login | Members Area | Members CPD Area or MCQ’s
Available for all: CPD/Reflective Learning resources with self-awarding CPD credits information and past ACSLM webinar videos can be found above, Resources tab. Any queries to cpd@acslm.ie

Academy Statement Regarding Covid-19
Covid-19 Statement

New HSE Laboratory Reporting Guideline 

Monday 27 January, the HSE and RCPI launched a new guideline for communicating critical lab results to patients

Privacy Notice
The Academy is committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal data. In compliance with the EU general data protection regulations (GDPR) we have recently updated our privacy policy. The notice can be viewed here.

Professional Code of Conduct
The document is available here.

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3 recent funerals in my parish. Final hymns: My Way, (Sinatra); Don’t you make my brown eyes blue (?), I could have danced all night (my Fair Lady).
When I hear about restrictions on Latin Masses, I yearn for strong direction on those in the vernacular. We’re losing. Fast.

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