Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director WHO Health Emergencies Programme

In support of International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day – April 15th, Dr. Mike Ryan sends a video message in recognition of the significant efforts of scientists worldwide during the pandemic.

Bernadette Jackson, President of the Academy

It is a great honour to accept the role of President of the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine.
The Academy – representing Medical Scientists – those unseen, largely unknown scientists, working in Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Services, who provide analyses, results, diagnoses and expertise to support the patient across many laboratory medicine disciplines.

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The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine, the professional body representing medical scientists in Ireland. Medical scientists are a regulated profession.

The Medical Scientists Registration Board at CORU established its register on 31 March 2019. As and from this date the Medical Scientists Registration Board is designated as the Competent Authority for the profession of Medical Scientist under the relevant legislation.

The vision of the Academy is “To support excellence in clinical science and laboratory medicine, and in doing so, enhance patient outcomes”.


There will be no notary services from the Academy office with the current restrictions in place.


At the Academy AGM (2020), Past President, Dr Brigid Lucey, highlights the need for more Medical Scientists in our hospitals

Covid-19 shows that the required expertise is available in Medical Scientists, but capacity and infrastructure are sadly lacking. There is an urgent need for more Medical Scientists working in hospitals, as all hospital laboratories face serious recruitment and retention challenges.

Academy statement

Webinar: Haematology Morphology Workshop (online) – Saturday, 17th April, 10-1pm

The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory  Medicine will host an online Haematology Morphology Workshop on Saturday, 17th April, 10 – 1pm.
The workshop will be presented by  Dr. Kanthi Perera and chaired  by Carol Lenihan.

Open to ACSLM members (free) and non-members (€50)
Booking now open.
Registration & information: Click Here


Webinar: ‘Does this range make me normal?’ – Verification of Reference Interval’s

In accord with ISO15189:2012, it is the responsibility of each laboratory to use reference intervals (RI’s) that are appropriate to the methodologies and the populations that they serve. Accordingly, a laboratory needs to periodically asses the relevance and appropriateness of RI’s and various methods have been described. The aim of this presentation is to compare and critique such verification methods and establish a robust yet sufficiently pragmatic approach to verifying the appropriateness of RI’s.
Presented by Shane Duignan, SMS, Metabolic Laboratory, CHI at Temple Street.
Open to ACSLM Members (Free) and Non-members (€30). Registration & more information, click here

HSE-HIHI Spark Ignite – NOW OPEN

Following the phenomenal success of last year’s HIHI Spark Ignite competition, the HSE and the Health Innovation Hub Ireland are delighted to announce the launch of the HSE-HIHI Spark Ignite 2021 innovation competition.
The HSE-HIHI Spark Ignite 2021 is the only staff-facing, bottom up, innovation competition available to the 115,000+ HSE employees.
Its mission is to enable HSE staff to validate unmet needs in healthcare, determine if a market exists for their proposed solution, product, service, or process improvement to meet that need, and to support the further development of those ideas.
For information about this years competition and registration – Click Here


Webinar: HSCP Leadership in Practice during COVID:19-Webinar Series 

Jackie Reed |National Lead|National Health & Social Care Professions Office informs all about the release of the first session of the webinar series titled ‘HSCP Leadership in Practice during COVID:19’. This work is carried out in collaboration with RCSI Institute of Leadership.

This webinar series will consist of five sessions. Each session will focus on a topic that was identified as a priority by the HSCP managers and leaders in the leadership survey conducted by the office during summer 2020. The first session is aimed to focus on the changes in work practice and how HSCP leaders and managers have accommodated and responded to these changes. The video features Deirdre Keating, Specialist Medical Scientist at St. Vincent’s University Hospital giving her account of challenges in the laboratory with contributions from Ms. Tina Joyce, Programme Director, RCSI IoL Click here for more information and the video.


Free Webinar: RCSI’s Annual Charter Meeting will take place virtually from Tuesday, 2 February to Saturday, 6 February 2021. Webinar videos available now (see below).

The theme of Charter Week 2021 is ‘Charter Goes Global’. The meeting will be delivered in a virtual programme that includes 120 speakers from five continents. This event has passed but the entire programme is available on video. Click here to view. 


Biomedica 2020

The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine wish to sincerely thank all the speakers and chairs who took time to present during the week. Also thanks to Stepex, Hugh and Kirsten and especially you, the attendees who registered and attended the webinars. We hope you enjoyed the week of Medical Science and the webinar videos are available in the On-Demand section of Biomedica, Click here.    Happy Christmas all from the ASCLM Team.


VTE DUBLIN 2020 – Podcasts/Videos now available

Thrombosis Ireland is a patient organisation that aims to enable all people on anticoagulation therapy to live the best possible lives. They are running a patient conference webinar on sept 30th and Oct 1st 2020. Click here for podcasts/videos

Marie Culliton talks to Katie Hannon on RTE Radio 1

Marie Culliton talks to Katie Hannon on RTE Raduio 1: Saturday with Katie Hannon. Marie discusses the staffing crisis that currently exists in laboratories nationwide, possible solutions and is asked by Katie about recent MLSA action.

Click here to listen to the podcast. It’s 8 minutes long and contains only Marie’s interview



Medical Science: 2020 Vision

The Academy held 3 webinars on the 25th May/26th May. Full program accompany’s each webinar. Each webinar has at least 4 speakers.
First: Engagement and Advancement Advisory Body – Early Career Scientists Forum
Second: Cervical Cytology: Updates and Opportunities in Cervical Cytology
Third: Covid-19 Updates
Click Here for videos


Webinar video: ‘Scientific Writing Workshop’ – Part 1 

View the Scientific Writing Workshop Webinar video. This workshop was aimed at 1st & 2nd year students. Joint presentation by the ACSLM, CIT and UCC Biomed. Scient. Soc.  Click here for video

WEBINAR video: ‘Scientific Writing Workshop’ – Part 2

Format: This workshop is geared towards 3rd and final year students who are preparing to start their final year projects. It will be run as a questions and answers session, so that the students can get the most out of it. We will be asking students to submit their questions in advance via a google form ( CLICK HERE ) and also through polls on our social media channels. Róisín Spriggs  will chair the session and ask the questions, acting as the voice of the students. Dr. Brigid Lucey & Katie O’Brien will answer questions. Click here for video

CPD Opportunities are available – where to find them!

Go to www.acslm.ie  CPD tab,  Login,  Members Area,   Hover over “Members CPD Area”  or MCQ’s
Don’t forget CPD/Reflective Learning resources with self-awarding CPD credits information and past ACSLM webinar videos “buttons” above on this page. These contain CPD learning opportunities. Queries to cpd@acslm.ie

See the Academy’s Webinar Calendar: Click here

The ISTH 2020 Virtual Congress abstracts. 

The ISTH 2020 Virtual Congress abstracts are now live on the online program as well as available via the convenient, searchable database at abstracts.isth.org, or the RPTH addendum of abstracts here and late-breaking/covid abstracts here.

Marie Culliton talks to David McCullagh on Wednesday Six One News, 16th September. 

If you missed the interview on COVID testing, you can pick it up on the web HERE
This is the RTE SIX ONE News, the programme is 46 minutes long but Marie’s interview starts at 25 minutes 28 seconds into the programme.


Marie Culliton talks to Business Post’s Susan Mitchell: explaining the differences between the various types of Covid-19 tests that are currently being deployed and more (3rd June 2020)
Listen to podcast here


The Blood is the Life – A Golden Age in Irish Blood Transfusion 1865 – 1879. John O’Loughlin, Laboratory Manager – Rotunda Hospital. Click Here to read

Pat Mulhare talks to Matt Cooper
on Laboratory Testing (Tuesday 28th April). Podcast is approx. 8 min. long. Click Here to listen.

demy Statement Regarding Covid-19
Covid-19 Statement

New HSE Laboratory Reporting Guideline 

Monday 27 January, the HSE and RCPI launched a new guideline for communicating critical lab results to patients

Infectious disease expert Professor Martin Cormican
1) Q & A session on RTÉ’s Liveline with Joe Duffy to answer questions from worried callers
2) Link to the actual podcast of Joe Duffy’s RTE Radio 1 programme, Friday 13th March

AMRIC Newletter: January 2020, Edition Number: 5
Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control Team – HSE January 2020, Edition Number: 5

CPD Certificate in Molecular Cervical Cytopathology (Level 9)
Joint Programme of the School of Biological and Health Sciences, Technological University Dublin, and the Cellular and Molecular Cytopathology Training School, Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital in partnership with CervicalCheck.

Absolute Confidence
Legal implications for Medical Scientists of “Absolute Confidence”, Fitness to Practice and Professional Liability. Mary Seery Kearney, BL.

Statutory Regulation for Medical Scientists
Mr. Colm O’Leary, (Ex-Head of Regulation), CORU


Coru Register
Medical scientists register opened on Sunday 31st March 2019. The Academy will ensure that this process is as simple as possible for its members.


CORU – Regulating Health + Social Care Professionals – CORU FAQ’s: 


The Cross Judgement “Absolute Confidence”
Listen to Academy Council member, Marie Culliton, speak on The Cross Judgement “Absolute Confidence”

Privacy Notice
The Academy is committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal data. In compliance with the EU general data protection regulations (GDPR) we have recently updated our privacy policy. The notice can be viewed here.

Professional Code of Conduct
The document is available here.

Non-ACSLM Events/Information  Click Image 

@DonnellyStephen #MedicalScientists too have shown their worth before and during #COVID19ireland . Now maybe you can turn your attention to us and end another 20 year issue. Career progression to consultant medical scientist, parity with our biochemist colleagues for optimum patient care.

ACSLM - Dr. Michael Ryan sends a message to Scientists around the world for their incredible work during the pandemic. A must watch (4mins). View it on
#medicalscientists @MedLabAssoc @UCCBiomedSoc @WeHSCPs @TheACBNews @TUDublin_Intl @acslmPresident https://t.co/FNPHgMGV3o

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